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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spring bean lifecycle

1 Spring instantiates the bean.
2 Spring injects values and bean references into the bean’s properties.
3 If the bean implements BeanNameAware, Spring passes the bean’s ID to the set-
BeanName() method.
4 If the bean implements BeanFactoryAware, Spring calls the setBeanFactory()
method, passing in the bean factory itself.
5 If the bean implements ApplicationContextAware, Spring will call the set-
ApplicationContext() method, passing in a reference to the enclosing application
6 If any of the beans implement the BeanPostProcessor interface, Spring calls
their postProcessBeforeInitialization() method.
7 If any beans implement the InitializingBean interface, Spring calls their
afterPropertiesSet() method. Similarly, if the bean was declared with an
init-method, then the specified initialization method will be called.
8 If there are any beans that implement BeanPostProcessor, Spring will call their
postProcessAfterInitialization() method.
9 At this point, the bean is ready to be used by the application and will remain in
the application context until the application context is destroyed.
10 If any beans implement the DisposableBean interface, then Spring will call
their destroy() methods. Likewise, if any bean was declared with a destroymethod,
then the specified method will be called.

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